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24N  Co-Founders

Luis De Vera
Ailish De Vera

Formed in 2011 we have built our outstanding reputation for successfully and consistently building healthier, leaner and athletic bodies. We have diligently promoted our philosophy of impactful physical training together with a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Along the way and in partnership with

we have successfully built further products and services to support our clients in achieving this.

 Mashael Mohammed Fahad Al Saud

Now with over a decade of experience in the Kingdom and across the Middle East, for our clients we’re undeniably the best. That’s why they’ve stayed committed to us year after year after year.

All our clients, old and new know we're the best for two simple reasons...

Firstly, we do the most important things in the smartest way. Everyone is individual and we approach them as such. We simply assess, program and re-assess, all tailored to clients’ personal needs. We know this is the only way clients will achieve their short and long-term goals, enjoy their consistent progression and always see results.


Secondly, we hire only the most talented and experienced trainers with a diverse range of unique skills and expertise, who are all qualified to University degree level. Each is put through our rigorous recruitment process so we can make certain they meet the high fitness and professional standards of 24N.

Upon arrival we put them under healthy scrutiny as they settle into our company ensuring they uphold our 24N values.

We believe our job is not just coaching. We seek to inspire and educate every client. Impactful physical training means pushing through perceived mental and physical boundaries and seeking personal growth to become better versions of themselves, for themselves. Our hope is to inspire our clients to give full commitment to the process and maximum effort at every session. Thanks to this, our trainers and clients regularly achieve the highest health and fitness standards in Riyadh.

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