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Our professional home service Personal Training is unrivalled in its convenience, luxury and value.

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We run a wide array of courses for children ages 3 – 16, including gymnastics, dance and martial arts

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24N Physio offers an immediate solution for both acute injuries and anyone who may be in chronic pain.

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At 24N, we build bodies in the gym but we also know that true health starts in the kitchen and that's the philosophy 24N Health was founded on.

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24N Online brings our philosophy of impactful physical training with a sustainable healthy lifestyle global, making it available and affordable to anyone

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This is our premium online 1-1 option, perfect for endurance athletes looking to reach their endurance goals

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A true fitness gem found in the heart of London.

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About us

Formed in 2011 we have built our outstanding reputation for successfully and consistently building healthier, leaner and athletic bodies. We have diligently promoted our philosophy of impactful physical training together with a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Along the way and in partnership with Mashael Mohammed Fahad Al Saud, we have successfully built further products and services to support our clients in achieving this.

Now with over a decade of experience in the Kingdom and across the Middle East, for our clients we’re undeniably the best. That’s why they’ve stayed committed to us year after year after year.


Meet the Team

We headhunt each trainer for their education, impressive personal fitness feats, and of course their experience. All our trainers are University degree level and hold a BSc. We also demand they maintain an extremely high level of fitness in order to inspire and lead by example.

Meet the team

Hear from our Trainers in our monthly podcast.